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Who We Are

K2O is a dynamic cross metropolitan Entertainment Brand. We are a team of passionate music artist, producers and spirited entertainment experience people. From London, New York to Lagos we share one dream, we love people, we love music, and we love entertainment. For us entertainment is more than just fun, more than a lifestyle, is more about being Essential- living our passion; realizing talents and fulfilling dreams. We are about music production, promotion, Artist management and entertainment PR; we are K2O Entertainment.

Story: It all began 23 years ago but we couldn’t quite explain exactly what it was, we were only but young people that loved to play with all things fun; sound and music but more than anything else we loved being happy and making our friends happy… Years came and went by, from the city of Aba to Lagos, London to New York and now from London back to Lagos it still feels just like 8,400.570 days ago, the only thing different is we now know exactly what it is…it’s like drops of water from the sky, when it hits the soil, it produces an extra ordinary sound wave length resonating from Africa to the rest of the globe… Anywhere we go and everywhere we have been we have come to realize that everyone needs it just like they need H2o… It’s always been our childhood dream; it’s always been our passion and we have always wanted to bring it home and do it differently…yea, to a distinguished you! We are excited to unveil what it is…it is K2o Entertainment…K2o just like you need H2o

Obinna Kingsley Okpara

CEO/Executive Producer

Obinna Kingsley Okpara (K2O) is a UK based businessman, entrepreneur and music promoter.

While in the UK, Obinna exploited his childhood passion-Music where he worked and helped promote many recording artistes. He was pivotal in the promotion of the ONYX Bacdafucup part II album. He recorded another success in the promotion of TahMac a Gold selling artiste from Brooklyn New York, which earned him an appearance in the American Rap Stars documentary which premiered from streets and clubs in London, up to the boroughs of New York and the neighborhoods of Los Angeles.

The highly rated documentary gained exclusive access to some of industry most influential artistes, producers and music executives like Snoop Dogg, Run DMC, Russel Simmons, Ludacris, Jay-Z, Onyx, Jermaine Dupri, Jamie Foxx, Talib Kweli, Tahmac etc; all who helped form and shape the current world of Hip-hop.


Recording/Performing Artiste

The city of Lagos Nigeria marks the spot where artist Emeka Ejechi PKA Hotyce was born. He grew up in Abuja constantly surrounded by strong music influences. Inspired by listening to the play lists of Dr Dre, Tupac, Snoop Dogg, Nas, Fela Kuti, Shola Amah and Shade Adu. Hotyce was exposed to various music genres early enough to develop music appreciation.

He started rapping in secondary school by rapping songs of his idols for his friends and family, which in turn led him to begin to write his own songs. After high school he went into the University of Abuja were he studied Economics.

Currently signed  to K2O Entertainment. Hotyce is rising up to be one of the finest Hip Hop artist in the entertainment industry. Visit his website for more: www.hotyce.com


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